I am a youth worker who works to make a difference and help enrich and transform the lives of children and young adults.  I am interested in helping young people to live and lead healthy, productive, successful, significant, purpose filled-driven  lives and to  help prepare them for adulthood and the challenges of life as well as helping them to overcome the problems and challenges they face and experience. I am interested in helping young people become people of character and to live a life of moral excellence and integrity and to help cultivate the greatness that all ready lies within them.  I am interested in  helping them to discover and reach their individual potential and to become the leaders they are capable of being.  My attention, interest and focus is on their personal growth, development and potential, their character and leadership development as well as their social and life skills.  My focus and interest also pertains to the environmental, social, cultural issues, problems, barriers, attitudes and obstacles that impact the personal growth, well being , potential and future destiny of young people.   My focus, interest and attention are on such things at Youth Voice, Youth Empowerment, Youth Civic Engagement and Social Activism, Youth Empowerment, Youth-Adult Partnerships, Peer Youth Relationships, Youth Leadership and Positive Youth Development and Issues Impacting Young People.

My interests also pertains to such topics as:  leadership and leadership development,  organizational change and effectiveness, organizational culture and environment, american and world history, sociology, social problems, social change and reform, social activism, civic education and civic engagement, volunteerism, psychology, human behavior, human nature, human motivation and interpersonal relationships, social work, children and adolescent disabilities and disorders, youth work and the youth work profession, child ad youth ministry, and current day events.


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