American U.S. Society, Cultural and Moral Decline.

It terms of present day United States of America our society and culture,I believe as a nation, society, culture, and many more of our organizations, many more people residing in our nation and many of those holding positions of power and authority over the organizations they manage and the people they suppose to lead have become morally and spiritually bankrupt and corrupt. We have become a immoral society and a nation filled with many more selfish, immoral, toxic, immature, irresponsible, evil and untrustworthy people and in which the majority of the people have rebelled against God and out right reject Him. We have become a nation in which we have become a society and culture that is falling apart because we have fallen away from having a relationship with God and from living a moral life.  Our society and many more of our communities, neighborhoods and organizations have become dysfunctional and broken and  many more communities and organizations lacking good, moral, credible and trustworthy servant leadership.  We have what they term in sociology as a nation social decay and social disorder occurring in the United States today and along with moral decay of its society and among its people. We have a tremendous amount of major social problems with abuse, violence, drugs and crime that frequently occurs across the U.S. culture. Many urban cities have high rates of violent crime occurring in their neighbors and some of our cities have turned into a war zones. These type of social problems with abuse and violence including bullying among students in many of our schools have been occurring and have been great social problems for many decades that seem to go unresolved.  The new problem that has recently become a focus on our news programs is the increase of the incidents of massive public shootings and school shootings.  This I believe is a sign of a society and a nation heading down a path to its own self destruction caused by the people themselves who have become wicked, evil, self centered and immoral and prefer to live in the darkness rather than in the light.  Many people in our nation have become the problem rather than become part of the solution to the many social issues of our day.  The silent majority is as guilty as those who commit such immoral acts and misbehavior.  From what many professionals in the ministry fields and in the psychology and social work professions have seen in the past two decades a large increase in adults having major and serious character issues and antisocial personality disorders. What they are seeing is a trend and increase of many more people in the population who are narcissistic or sociopathic.  They notice more aggressive, controlling, manipulative, antisocial behavioral issues coming from a larger population of the adults in the united states culture of today. The common theme or characteristics these people share are lack of empathy for others, being self centered, and not caring about other people but only of themselves and do not feel any remorse or guilt for hurting others and lack of taking responsibility for their actions even when they are clearly in the wrong or hurt someone. They tend to often blame others rather than blaming themselves. They have a lack of integrity and lack of commitment to moral standards.  They are the typical aggressive bully, manipulator, domineering, controlling type, liar, hypocritical, fake, dishonest, phony, insincere, abusive, disrespectful, uncaring, unkind, insensitive, two faced, inconsiderate and irresponsible, untrustworthy type of person.  The type of person who uses people for their own personal gain and pleasure.  They are sadistic and don’t care if they hurt you. They feel justified in hurting you and feel justified behaving in a evil and irresponsible manner.  There many more people like this that reside in our communities today that are of bad character, they are evil, immoral, irresponsible, very selfish, untrustworthy, troublemaking, and prone to causing abuse and violence.  This is one good reason why the U.S.  American society is falling apart because many more bad people  who reside in the United States who are the cause of our broken society and culture.  Many more anti-social, immoral and destructive behaviors and bad attitudes among a large  portion of the population equals social disorder, social decay and social chaos. Remember the roman empire did not last because many of its citizens and  leaders become morally corrupt. When everything is tolerated and accepted as the norm is a society heading towards disaster.


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