Being a Person of Influence

Being a person of influence and being someone who can positively impact people’s lives and to help make a difference, there are certain qualities people must have.  These qualities consist of the following:  Integrity. A person must be one who possesses personal integrity, honesty, sincerity, authenticity, and a strong devotion and commitment to moral and ethical principles.  A person to be influential and to have a positive impact on others must possess goodness and strength of character.  They must be one who can establish and maintain trust with others.  They must be someone who is trustworthy and respectful of other people. They must be loving, kind, respectful and caring towards other people.  Secondly, they must be nurtures. They must have the ability to nurture people. To be a nurturer of others means to highly value others and to be other minded.  To nurture others, one must love, respect and value other people as well as encourage and support others and provide often sincere appreciation and recognition.  One must provide appreciation and recognition towards the positive qualities, strengths and god give abilities and gifts each person possesses within themselves and their own unique personalities. To have a positive impact on other people and to be a person of influence, one must be willing to enlarge others and to help others grow, develop, reach their God given potential and to succeed.  One must being willing to take the time and energy of giving of oneself to invest in the growth and success of others.  To be a person of influence and to have a truly significant and positive impact on others, one must have a positive attitude towards others, to have faith and a high belief in others, and the desire to value others and to make a difference in the lives of other people. In other words, to add value and significance in their lives.  To have a positive impact on others one must show they care about others and have a deep concern for other people.  For example, my experiences working with children and youth I focus my attention on them and in ways in which I add value to them and their lives and their future.  One way that I do this is by showing them that I  care about them.  It is in not only in our words but in our actions that we show people that we care about them and that we love, appreciate and respect them and wish to add value to them and their lives.  Our own actions and everyday behavior and conduct determines the amount and type of influence and impact we have on others. Our actions and behavior is a reflection of who we are as well and who we are, our character often will determine our success and effectiveness in life and our success in making a positive difference in the lives of others.


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