Listening and Giving Positive Attention Towards Children.

As a youth worker, I am so amazed how so many parents including adults who work in my profession and in education who spend less amount of time listening to children and spend more time talking to or at children and frequently telling them what to do. Children often have to spend more to listening to adults rather than adults spending more time asking questions and listening to children.  Often battles, power struggles, arguments and some conflicts can be avoided if adults spent more time listening to children and asking them questions.  By actively listening to children along with the intent to learn and to understand and to listen more and talk less you end up having more influence with them.  They will begin to listen to you and your point of view, ideas, advice and opinions when you begin to listen to them first and often.

The more time spent giving children positive attention by attentively and actively listening to them, showing interest in them, giving them frequent encouragement, sincere praise and appreciation, recognizing and acknowledging their strengths, abilities, talents, accomplishments, success, efforts and progress and when they do the right thing and engaging them in their fun activities the more influence you will have with them and you will have more of a positive impact on them.  The more positive attention shown to children more of the same you will receive in return from children including their own positive behavior.   Children seek and crave attention why not give them positive attention.


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