How You Engage and Respond to Children and Youth Matters

Your style of Engagement which I learned from my course work in college in particular social work course work matters to establishing a relationship or alliance and trust with the people you work and interact with.  This is also true when building a positive relationship and alliance and trust with children and youth.  How a person engages, interacts, behaves, responds,and communicates towards and with children and youth will determine the level and degree of influence and trust that will be forged and the type of connection and relationship that is developed.  Often our own world view, beliefs, values, ideals, attitudes, thoughts and expectations influence our own behavior and decisions. They determine how we will behave in any given situation and how we respond, including how we treat others. When we for example have a positive world view, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and expectations towards children and youth it will show through our own conduct and behavior.  The opposite is true as well.  When our world view, beliefs, attitudes and expectations are negative, wrong  and poor that too will be reflected in our own conduct, behaviors and responses.  What we truly believe and think does affect our own behavior and does have a positive or negative impact on ourselves and on others we come into contact  and interact with.  What we believe we become.  That is how powerful our beliefs are.   For example, my beliefs, attitudes, and expectations towards children and youth is positive which is often reflected in my positive attitude, behaviors and responses towards them and in how I interact with them and treat them.  My style of engagement is often positive  because of my own positive attitude, views and beliefs about them.  Because of my own positive beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and expectations towards young people is reflected in my own style of how I interact with them, treat them and communicate with them I am able to forge and maintain a higher degree and level of influence, respect and trust.  I also have a positive impact on them because of my positive style of interacting and communicating with them and forging and maintaining a positive trusting relationship with them.  In my approach of interacting with them and how I treat them they feel safe and secure in my presence and feel they can be themselves.


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